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Thank you so much for everything you have done for my children and me. We really appreciate it. Owning a home has always been a dream for me. Thanks to you, it has finally come true. We understand the time and dedication it took to build our home, and for that, we really appreciate it. Homeownership means a lot to me.


-Ghaliya Howell, Khalil Dixon,  
and Unique Howell
Habitat for Humanity


In this economic climate many things are changing. Banks are not lending and houses are not selling. Consequently more and more people are choosing to remodel their present home.
Westmoreland Group was a remodeling company in Virginia long before we were a custom home builder in South Carolina. Now we are combining the best of both worlds to keep up with the changing building environment. The knowledge we have gained about building in a hot, humid climate can be put to work for you as you make changes to your home to be more energy efficient as well as updated for the future.
Give us a call if you are interested in:
            Kitchen / Bathroom remodeling
            Enclosing a screen porch
            Sealing your crawlspace

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