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“Westmoreland Group brings more to the table than just great builders. They are a significant resource in sorting through different products and design issues. Their most important asset is their “owner-like” attitude on our behalf.”


-Bob & Carol M.
Island Estates, The Reserve

Things to Consider when building a home in South Carolina

1.    One of the first questions we hear from most people is, "What do you charge per-square-foot?"  Our answer is always, "What do want us to include in your custom home building project?"  Do you want granite or cultured marble countertops?  A Kenmore or Viking range?"  Hardwood Floors or Carpet?  Metal Roof or Shingles?  The point is that these items and hundreds of other selections that make a house your unique home vary greatly in price.  Until we know the size, shape, and architectural style of the custom home you want inside and out, it is impossible for us, or anyone else for that matter, to quote a price per square foot.  Estimating the actual cost of a custom home in South Carolina requires a great deal of definition, review, documentation and discussions and negotiations with a number of vendors and suppliers.  We urge you to consider this when someone does give you a per square foot price to build that is based on a verbal description of what you want or a glance at your plans.

Here is what Home-Costs.com has to say about Square Foot Pricing:  "This process is highly inaccurate and is the most frequently misapplied method of estimating.  It does not model the cost for any specific project and it does not adequately factor the variables for costs of unfinished construction (areas without finish, such as garage and unfinished basement) or adequately factor the variables of different quality levels of construction.  Furthermore, it is inherently unable to model costs unique to a particular project."

2.    How do you live in a house?  Where will you be spending most of your time?  What rooms are most important to you?  Make a list of the top 10 "must have" items for your house.  Start collecting pictures of things you like and may want to include in your house.  Be sure to write a note on the picture so you remember what it was in the picture that you liked.

3.    What is your budget for a custom home?  We want to help you be the keeper of the budget.  As you look at selections it is so easy to choose things that will quickly take you above your budget.  You may get tired of our saying, "That is out of your budget range."  But wouldn't you rather know that up front instead of designing a house and then realizing that your dream is out of reach?

4.    How does it look and feel?  When you are going through a home to see an example of a builder's work look at the attention to detail.  Is the tile pattern in the shower straight and does it follow around the corner?  Are the handrails smooth or rough to the touch?  These are just some of the details we pay considerable attention to in our homes.

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