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 We missed you two at the party on Saturday.  We received "rave" reviews on the kitchen.  I wish Ric could have been there to hear all the comments.  One person said it's the best kitchen he has ever seen.  You wouldn't believe how great it was for all the people to stand and sit around the island, talk, watch the game and eat.  What a great kitchen for a party!! 

-Kathy V.
Willbrook Plantation


Over the years we watched houses being built by Westmoreland Group, noting the attention to detail, building quality and close supervision. When we began designing our project, they were the only contractor we considered. Ric Hucks is a recognized student of building science, and has been on the cutting edge of coastal construction best practices.  He worked as a partner, advisor, guide, friend and expert. We were extremely pleased with the building process and especially the finished structure. Westmoreland Group was instrumental in not only building our house, but in making it a home.

-Lee & Connie S.
Island Estates


The Westmoreland Group did an incredible job transforming our vision into a reality.   Attention to detail, quality construction, and working with us during each phase of the project to ensure our complete satisfaction represents the hallmark of this outstanding builder.   Their professionalism and integrity is second to none.   We will always feel fortunate and blessed that we chose the right builder.

 -Bob & Becky J.
DeBordieu Colony

When it comes to getting the house right, Ric Hucks will go to any length to find the right material at the best price installed by the best subcontractor.  As one of a hundred examples, I dropped in his office one day to find him glued to his computer pouring over dozens of possible columns for our front porch.  He did the research I would have done if I had had the time and the knowledge.   And speaking of knowledge, Ric holds in his head more information about the art, science, and technology of house building than any one human being should possess.  If you ask him a question, be ready to learn a lot!  His knowledge and discernment allow his clients to exhale and relax and just enjoy the fun part of building a house.


When it comes to getting the relationship right, one of my favorite qualities about Ric is that, when you call him, he answers his phone.  Every time.  Day and night.  Even if just to say, “I’m in a meeting and I’ll call you right back.”  He’s never too busy and you will have an answer to your question before the day’s end.  This respect and accessibility builds trust and reassurance.  Building a house raises hundreds of questions and concerns, and Ric responds to each and every one thoughtfully and with accurate information.  What’s more, the relationship does not end after you move in.  Over the past three years, he has been there for us every time we’ve had a question or needed something new done.


My husband and I started out as first-time home builders, naïve and nervous but full of hope and excitement.  At the end of our journey with Westmoreland Group, we had the house of our dreams and two new and dear friends.    

-Kristin B. 
Island Estates

"Westmoreland Group recently built my house at The Reserve. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the work that the company did and the professionalism displayed by all the employees of the company. During the entire construction process, they were responsive to my concerns and the changes that were made during the building process.

My house was completed on schedule and within the budget that was proposed before my change orders. All punch list items were addressed in a timely fashion and to my satisfaction. The house is exactly what I envisioned, and I could not be more pleased with it. From the crown molding to the white pine porch ceilings, my home is uniquely mine.

I would heartily recommend the Westmoreland Group to anyone planning to build a quality home."

-Lisa C.
The Reserve


"The Westmoreland Group, headed by Ric and Janice Hucks, completed our home in The Reserve of Pawley's Island, SC in 2004. In order to make a comparative selection we met with three area contractors. Although he was not the lowest bid, Ric was our choice. From the very beginning, Ric's integrity, eye for the detail, and constant communication made us feel very comfortable building our retirement home long distance. Meeting with him once a month at the site, he was always ready to improve and/or "tweak" our design until it went from a piece of paper to a lovely, low country home. The beautiful view that prompted us to buy our lot was artfully incorporated into a setting like none other in this development, thanks to Ric and his ability to see what we, the customer, were striving to achieve. The interior has arches, angles, and moldings that surprise and impress. We credit the uniqueness of our property to the savvy workmanship and very high standards of Ric Hucks. We believe he is a very worthy candidate for the Master Builder Program, because, in our eyes, he already is one."

-Mike & Yvonne P.
The Reserve


"Having heard about the experiences of many friends with different builders and contractors, we were somewhat skeptical at the beginning of the project, but that did not last long. We quickly learned that Ric was much more than a builder. His technical skill is superb. His interpersonal style with clients is admirable. He presents his opinions regarding the right way to do things, but he doesn't impose those views on his clients. Ric was patient and tireless in working with us on countless details, and often our geographic distance made things more complicated for his team. But that was never an issue for Ric.

It's difficult to fully express the overall positive impact Westmoreland Group had on our final home construction. They actually improved upon the architect's design in many creative ways and built a home that far exceeded our expectations. Friends and family who have visited cannot believe the attention to details in carpentry, lighting and workmanship that make our new home what it is.

We highly recommend Ric and Westmoreland Group to anyone we know who is considering home construction. Because of Ric and his team, we had a wonderful, pleasant experience building our home. We know far too many others who have not had a similar experience.

-Tom & Denise L.
Willbrook Plantation


"We purchased a lot in Pawleys Island and then set out to find a builder. We interviewed 6 different organizations and chose Westmoreland Group, who actually was our first interview.

At every step along the way, Ric was very helpful with the design, entirely honest and forthright in reporting the costs and events during construction. We only came to see the house in progress on two or three occasions, placing our trust in them to do everything correctly.

When the finished product was presented to us, we were delighted. The quality of the building and all aspects of the finish were wonderful. I have nothing but complimentary things to say about Ric's skill as a builder and his qualities as a business person, and a friend.

-Jim M.
The Reserve


"Throughout the process and continuing today, Westmoreland Group could not have been more professional, accommodating and easy to work with. Their commitment to quality, constant attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism is unlike any I have ever witnessed. In addition they maintain the highest standards of character and integrity. I have built a number of homes and been involved in many real estate transactions, but never before had I encountered such excellence in this industry.

Needless to say we love our home in DeBordieu, and that is in large part due to the efforts of everyone associated with Westmoreland Group. I would whole-heartedly and without reservation, recommend these outstanding professionals to anyone considering a quality home in the South Strand area. I would also invite you to come by and witness what a true commitment to excellence can create!"

-Randy & Nancy S.
DeBordieu Colony


Hurricane Charley just blew by. Although it was just a class 1 storm when it hit here, it was still strong enough to uproot trees and do other damage. We literally couldn’t even tell there was a storm going on unless we looked out the window. This house is so SOLID!!! We couldn’t hear the wind, couldn’t hear the rain – it was incredible. We were saying, “thank you, Westmoreland Group, thank you, Ric”.   Thank you again for building us such a wonderful home.

                                                                   -Helen & Russ W.
                                                       Pawleys Plantation
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