¬ Westmoreland Group - About Us - Mission Statement

“I just wanted you to know I am absolutely thrilled with the new house and could not have expected a better result from any contractor. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”


-Paul S.
Pawleys Island

Our Prayer and Mission

Lord, we commit our company to You.  We ask, Father, that You place Your hand on Westmoreland Group so that we may grow like a mighty tree.  Not all at once, but that from a seedling, we may become a great company for the good of Your Kingdom here on earth.

God, make the roots of our faith deep and our resolve resilient so that we may withstand the winds of adversity.  Let our values be as strong as the trunk, to support and help the lives we touch fulfill their mission and destiny.  And, Lord, please bless us with many customers that, like the leaves of a tree, will help sustain our growth and ensure our future.  We ask that You align our lives with the right people, and give us the passion, wisdom, and compassion to conduct our business in a way that Honors Your name.

Father, our mission is that, as we build great homes for our customers, we will have a positive impact on every life in our path.  Guide us, Lord, so that everything we do to fulfill the needs of our customers, employees, suppliers and the company is pleasing to You.

It is with gratitude for all you do that we ask these things in the name of Your Son, Our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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